Still whimsical as ever, but the new Kirby title has Smash Bros. mode

We figure that you’re in a whimsical mood, given the holidays and everything. So we thought: what could be more fanciful than a trailer for a new Kirby game? We aren’t sure of the name of the latest 3DS title to feature the insatiable pink powderpuff, being that it’s in Japanese, but we are sure it’s whimsical. 

While Kirby games haven’t changed an awful lot through the years, they tend to add new wrinkles, and this year’s wrinkle is a four-player brawler that looks an awful lot like Smash Bros., but featuring Kirbies exclusively. Watch for it around the 1:50 mark. This makes perfect sense, as Masahiro Sakurai, the creator of Kirby is also the creator of Smash Bros., and there are more than a few connections between the franchises. Did we mention the whimsy?