Kentucky Route Zero

Stop everything! Kentucky Route Zero Act IV is out right now

Just like last time, Kentucky Route Zero‘s next act—that is, Act IV—has dropped with a soft thump into the world. If you already own it then this new act will be available to download in your Steam library right now. Did you hear it land? Nor did anyone else.

Alongside this sudden arrival, Cardboard Computer posted an “Observational Trailer,” which is the most pleasant three minutes I’ve ever spent staring at a gas station lit like a biker bar. You can also spend the next three minutes doing that, perhaps sipping on something cold—yes, do that:

So far, acts One through Three of Kentucky Route Zero have made up a game about moving through space, and financial hardship, and turning into a glowing whiskey skeleton at inopportune moments. Full of musical interludes and barebones staging, a real sense of theatricality pervades the environments and the conversations of Kentucky Route Zero. Dialogue offers choices: no ways out, only ways to think about the state of things.

here we are at the mouth of the Echo

Between the mysterious phonebooth toy and the real-life oddball telephone that dials only the number for the Echo River guide provided by the Bureau of Secret Tourism, we’ve been on our toes for some time now, wondering who’s on the other line, but all of a sudden, here it is, and here we are at the mouth of the Echo. Oh, and not only that, but we here at Kill Screen have more on Kentucky Route Zero coming for you soon in the forthcoming Issue 9 of our print magazine (subscribe to be the first to get it here). It’s gonna be good. Just wait a little longer to see…

Kentucky Route Zero Act IV is available on the Humble Bundle, through Steam, and now through too.