Stop-Motion Vid Captures Indie Dev Crunchtime


24 Caret Games is bringing Retro/Grade to the PSN later this year, a shmup concerned with time manipulation. Fitting, then, that their trailer is a time-lapse video of developer Matt Gilgenbach crunching code and little else. Ben Kuchera of Ars Technica spoke with Gilgenbach about the decision.

Last year the game was included in Indiecade, so the three-person team had to create a video. Since all their time was spent making the danged game, the decision was made to just film that process.

“I think people take for granted just how much work it is creating an indie game. It’s very easy to compare them to games developed by large teams with funding, but creating a game with a small team doing everything is a herculean effort, which is often taken for granted,” he explained.

The game will also offer the choice to play using a guitar controller. So go back in time to when you used your plastic axe, and practice up.