Street artist Filthy Luker takes over Manchester with a playable version of Space Invaders.

Videogames are going public! Over in Manchester street artist Filthy Luker, with some help from Red Stripe, has created an outdoor, wall-sized and playable version of Space Invaders. Luker adds a bit of personal flare to the game by using traffic cones, road signs and LED lights,

“I’ve been obsessed with making art from street furniture for quite some time and had noticed the similarities between these road barriers and the classic invaders” says the art-attacker; and with LED lights transforming the installation into a fully operable game, our own obsessions can now be indulged on an unimaginable scale.

Luker is well known for transforming public space with things like inflatable googly eyes or octopus tentacles, which he calls ‘art attacks.’ Space Invaders is clearly an ironic and fitting choice for the art attack. Hopefully we’ll see more videogames entering the public art arena.

If you can make it, the installation is up until May around Manchester’s Town Hall area.

[via We Heart]