StreetWars will turn New York City into a watergun assassination zone

In college, for more than two weeks, a squirtgun war raged between the different residential houses on campus. People stopped going to class. They turned on friends and colleagues. Hearts were broken. Lives were destroyed.

Now that madness is coming to New York: It’s open registration for StreetWars, a three-week long watergun tournament that starts in September. It’s structured exactly the same way as multiplayer in Assassin’s Creed 3. You are given a target, their name/home location, and their contact info. You must hunt them while someone is also hunting you.

StreetWars is cut from the same “big games” cloth that spawned events like NYC’s Come Out and Play Festival, Foursquare founder (and Two5six speaker) Dennis Crowley’s Pac-Manhattan, and more recently, Ingress.

The gameboard is immense. It’s all 5 boroughs of New York, and I guarantee that NYPD is looking forward to hundreds of players running with waterguns through the night streets of Manhattan. Or maybe they won’t care. It could go either way. As long as it doesn’t go the way of these ten friends who have been playing tag for over 20 years and are hiding in each other’s cars, then I’m sure we’ll all be ok.

I plan on staying indoors for much of September anyway, so it’s a win for everyone.

You can sign up for StreetWars here.

[Photo: CIAO/AKM Images / GSI Media]