Studies show that brains of videogame and web addicts function similarly to those of drug addicts.

A Chinese study reveals that individuals addicted to the web have similar brain scans to drug abusers and other addicts. Moreover, these scans correlate with British scientists’ findings on those addicted to videogames.

Special MRI scans revealed that white matter in the brains of web addicts, specifically within the nerve fibers connecting areas of the brain that control emotion, decision-making, and self-control. 

Professor Gunter Schumann of King’s College, London explains that addicted videogame players face the same sort of changes within the brain as well:

For the first time two studies show changes in the neuronal connections between brain areas as well as changes in brain function in people who are frequently using the internet or video games.

Although the news may be alarming for some, the studies help to demonstrate that brain abnormalities occur for both substance-based and behavioral addictions, further advancing our knowledge of addictions and the psyche. 

– Lyndsey Edelman

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