Gaming on mass transportation may get a lot more tactile

Commuters tend to ignore each other and keep to themselves while riding on public transportation. People tend to avoid eye contact with fellow commuters or zone everyone out with music or a book.

To break the ice between train travelers and perhaps bring Londoners closer together, UK-based designer Thomas Wing-Evans created Tube Games, a suede-covered tablet that lets train riders play tic-tac-toe with each other across train carriages.

The suede-covered tablet is located between the connecting doors of the train cars. Players can mark their moves on the tablet using their Oyster cards or their tube passes. To start a new game, players simply need to smooth out the suede with their hands.

The game is a concept for now but may soon be available on London’s transit lines.

Source: Core77

Images: Thomas Wing-Evans

This post was originally written by Leah Gonzalez for PSFK.