Check out the first trailer for the lovely, lo-fi platformer The Sun & Moon

You might recognize Daniel Linssen’s minimalist art style from the rogue-like Roguelight, featured on our playlist a few weeks ago. Now he’s back, with The Sun & Moon, a 2D action platformer that invites you to literally sink into the levels.

The Sun & Moon originated in the 29th Ludum Dare competition back in April as as an entry into the “Beneath the Surface” theme. Though it only took 24 hours to make using Gamemaker, the game ended up winning first place overall, 1st in theme, 2nd in fun, and 3rd innovation. Which lead Linssen to suspect that, hey, this game might not do so bad in a commercial release.

The game is intuitive enough: you move across the levels collecting all the little bits before going through the wormhole to complete each level, awarding you a medal from gold to bronze depending on your time. But the real twist, and what won Sun & Moon first place in theme, is the mechanic that allows the player to dive into the level’s platform, reversing gravity and shooting the player upward.

Linssen describes the levels as ranging from “easy to punching-yourself-in-the-face-with-a-brick difficult.” They use a non-linear unlocking system, allowing players to choose how they work through the massive amount of levels. As the trailer reveals, levels range in palette and theme while maintaining the minimalist style. It plays with an addicting pace, the momentum mechanic providing a liberating sense of movement.

Sun & Moon will be hitting Steam this October and Vita sometime next year. You can play the early Ludum Dare build here on your browser or download it on Windows.