Tale of Tales’ new game lets you experience a rebellion through housework

It’s 1972, and the sunset’s golden aura drenches a bachelor pad overlooking an anxious South American city. Angela Burnes, a housekeeper, rifles through the possessions of political activist Gabriel Ortega, triggering a violent rebellion that’ll shake the streets in the morrow. She won’t be remembered by history.

“How does it feel to be one of the many victims of war, instead of the hero? How does it feel when war is the backdrop for your day-to-day life?”            

This is the partial focus of Tale of Tales’s upcoming videogame, Sunset, for which they are currently seeking $25,000 in funding on Kickstarter.

A comparison to Gone Home is warranted here but Sunset‘s rummaging is more improvisational and playful. 

In Sunset, you’ll play as Angela as she tends to her housekeeping duties for an hour a day inside Ortega’s penthouse. It boasts all the eclecticism of early ’70s interior design: Shagpile carpets, dark leather furniture, wooden panelling, floral patterns, soul music riding the airwaves.

Admiring the pizzazz and doing the housework is the framework for a supposedly more emotionally affecting story, though. It starts with the realization that you have the capacity to be more invasive than your job permits; prying in drawers and hidden documents. A comparison to Gone Home is warranted here but Sunset‘s rummaging is more improvisational and playful. Rather than telling a story it shapes one. Each task you perform can be managed in a neutral, flirty, or devious manner. Ortega will notice your changes to his apartment and possessions, responding to them with notes and other gestures that match your intimate or hostile invitations.

Sunset has another, bigger layer to reveal on top of that, too. The setting and time period refers to the US government’s heavy involvement in South American politics, mostly out of fear of the spread of communism. It’s also a time when feminism and Black Power rose in popularity. Political figures were sometimes murdered just for opposing an agenda.

All of this is happening around you in the game. Some of it is in close proximity, such as the city being under the terrible dictatorship of Generalísimo Ricardo Miraflores, while other parts may be heard on the radio or read about in a newspaper.

Ortega is heavily involved with a rebellious group, so as insignificant as your actions may seem, they can have a huge effect on the volatile city below. They radically alter the story, your responsibility within it, and the emotional impact the experience will have on you.

You’re the catalyst in Sunset as much as you are upon the outcome of its Kickstarter. Feel free to support it by pledging a few dollars towards it or spreading the word of its existence.