SUPERHOT teases something scary in new screenshot

SUPERHOT is getting an official release date soon, according to its latest update, but until then, the team has some screenshots and gifs from the upcoming space-time-shooter to share.

One in particular seems to tease something eerie: the silhouette of a writhing, dragon-like creature cast down from a skylight onto the tiled room below.


Anyone who’s seen footage of the SUPERHOT beta from a few months back is aware of the game’s trippier aspects, regarding things like sinister .exe files and secret groups. The original prototype for 7DFPS had hints of an underlying narrative within its super stylish core, but it certainly dives much deeper in the upcoming full version.

Besides creepy shadow dragons, the SUPERHOT team has also provided gifs of some fancy new projectiles being implemented into the game, including kunai, shuriken, and whatever this is:


SUPERHOT is also adding in a “best time” score. If you’ve played SUPERHOT, even just the prototype, you’ll know what a tense and tactical experience it is to manipulate a situation in your favor—every millimeter of your movement counts. Being able to compete against your own reaction time will probably be a great way to ramp up the stakes in a game that’s already as fast and frantic as SUPERHOT.

Until SUPERHOT Team drops that that release date, check out SUPERHOT‘s Kickstarter updates for all the latest gifs and images from the game.