SUPERHYPERCUBE is here to make VR worthwhile

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In this new dawn of virtual reality, people will try to port all sorts of things into VR that shouldn’t be there. Yet for every egregious Until Dawn DLC, there’s a SUPERHYPERCUBE to remind you that matches made in heaven still exist. Comparable to the look and pacing of Tetris, in SUPERHYPERCUBE you must rotate and arrange a cluster of cubes to fit through an impending wall. Despite sharing some DNA with 2D classics, SUPERHYPERCUBE feels like a beast of its own in virtual reality. Combining that arcade simplicity with head tracking, the it feels right at home when it’s strapped to your face and taking up your full field of vision. Just make sure to plug out between deaths, otherwise you might not even notice as the hours fly by.

Perfect for: VR evangelists, puzzlers, Picasso

Playtime: Several minutes per round