Kickstarter on KS: Support The Bike Lights of the Future

Now this is cool. This kickstart project, revolights, embeds an Akira-style lighting system into the wheels of your bicycle, making you feel like some kind of futuristic bike hero. 

But this invention does more than make you look awesome: 

On the road, bike lights contribute to rider safety in two ways: 

1) lighting – allows riders to safely navigate at night by illuminating their forward path.

2) sighting – increases the rider’s front, back, and side visibility which signals their presence (i.e. i am a bike) and location to those sharing the road.

Currently no product on the market provides both lighting and sighting at a functionally high level. Our solution, Revolights, is a double threat. It represents the first fully functional lighting and sighting solution; more specifically, the first solution based on a spoke/rim/hub mounted design.

You can pre-order the lights for yourself and help support their production by pledging $200 or more over at Kickstarter

-Richard Clark