Swedish developer Might and Delight’s Pid is childhood whimsy with a bend of gravity.


Another great catch from E3. Might and Delight’s Pid is a charming, cartoonish 2D platformer starring a young boy who finds himself on a mysterious planet where he must search for a way home. In the opening minutes of gameplay, our protagonist is given the power to cast beams of light which allow him to float, dreamlike, in any direction throughout the game environment. He can also collect constellations of stars, which are used as in-game currency to buy power-ups and weapons for use against enemies.

Pid’s developers have assured us there are many secret areas to explore, platforming challenges open to experimentation, and that the game is meant to incite moments of childlike wonder as well as more serious contemplation. Indie or not, the aspirational philosophy and features driving Pid are big shoes to fill. Might and Delight have yet to announce platforms for Pid, but it is slated for release in 2012.