Shame and guilt are on display with the upcoming Gods Will Be Watching

In February, we showed you the teaser trailer for this interstellar espionage, point-and-click adventure game Gods Will Be Watching. And while the newest trailer seems to feature a few less busted kneecaps, I see at least 75% more pixelated space-gun action and 100% more adorable Rottweiler companion. So, no complaints here.

Gods Will Be Watching centers around espionage related narrative puzzles and grueling moral decisions. As Sgt. Burden, you’ll be forced between a rock and a hard place as you face scenarios such as choosing “between the lives of [your] team and saving the world from genocide.” And who knows? That could even be one of the easier ones. All I’m saying is I wouldn’t bet on the survival rate of adorable Rottweiler companions in this kind of game.

Deconstructeam promises a total of six chapters filled with high tension predicaments. At the end, you’re actions and sacrifices culminate into a judgement from the gods–who know all about those horrible, terrible things you’ve done. But don’t worry! The Shame Train doesn’t stop there, because you’ll also be able to compare your decisions with everyone else who’s played. (And yes, I am going to judge you for sacrificing your adorable Rottweiler companion, you sick, heartless bastard.)

Gods Will Be Watching comes out on July 24th for PC, Mac, and Linux. You can preorder it now on Steam, GOG, or Humble for a 10% discount.