New Tangiers trailer is one part Deus Ex, one hundred parts surreal freakout

In case you need confirmation that Tangiers is still surreal and eerie, the new alpha trailer will remove that doubt. If anything the game has upped the level of horrifying, jet-black bizarreness. But as Kyle our intern justifiably asked as I was writing this, “Do we have any indication Tangiers will actually be anything outside of surrealistic imagery?” 

Well, a little bit. In the development blogs, you find enemies who you creep behind and hide from in the shadows. It’s definitely a stealth game in the vein of Thief and Deus Ex, but with less of the feeling like you are delicately springing a series of carefully-designed booby traps. But there’s plenty of dreamlike freakout to go around, with allusions that would tickle the fancy of William Burroughs and dadaist poets, according to the devs. 

Have a look for yourself: