TED asks "What videogame shifted your perspective?"

TED’s new Conversations section has already sparked some great talk, debate and even personal recollections of videogames that have reshaped people’s perspectives. The list ranges between Final Fantasy VIIOcarina of Time, Smash BrosBioshock and more. The anecdotes of experience and effect beautifully illustrate the ways that people can interpret games. Here’s one post we liked:

SSBM’s gameplay still blows my mind. I’ve been playing for ten years and competitively for at least five. To even say that I know half the depth of the gameplay is probably inaccurate. The range of the level at which this game can be played is absolutely ridiculous. Even now, we still find new aspects to the game that can dramatically affect its competitive metagame.

How does this relate to life? As a designer, it’s pretty easy to understand when people dismiss your field. I feel that art is belittled constantly, as is/was video-gaming because people do not understand much about them. Growing up, gaming was always just a “distraction” from other life priorities. Seeing and knowing the depth of which this game can be interpreted (same with art), I’ve learned to never underestimate anything in life. Instead, I have an understanding that everything runs deep, and just because I’m ignorant of those details, doesn’t mean I should dismiss it.

– Adnan Agha

[via TED]