A teenager in Cambodia was chained to a tree and beaten for playing videogames.

For anyone who’s ever been grounded for staying up too late playing videogames (or really anything videogame related), just be glad you can say that games have never brought you this fate:

A Cambodian dad is in trouble with the law after he chained his son to a power pole for skipping school to play video games.

The 13-year-old boy, Sok Khorn, was freed from the pole by a locksmith after neighbors called police, AFP reports.

The boy was also reportedly beaten.

His father, 40-year-old Sok Thoeun, fled the scene and is wanted on child abuse charges, according to the report.

“He is still on the run,” an official told the AFP. “This kind of torture is not acceptable.”

Details of the story are still scarce, but I can’t help but wondering what game was so much fun that he riskedthishappening just to play it?

[via New York Daily News]