Tengami’s gorgeous world of paper pops out in our digital era, literally

One curious trend we’ve seen as life becomes increasingly on-line is the popularity of handmade items. Sites like Pinterest are huge, at least according to my mother. The same goes for Etsy. And then there are creations that are totally digital, but are made to look like they’re handcrafted: Tearaway, Paper Mario: Sticker Star, and of course Nyamyam’s Tengami

Tengami is the meditative story of a lone samurai finding his way through the tundra, conjuring visions of koi fish and cordless meditation fountains. The catch is that the frozen landscape unfolds, literally, like a pop-up book printed on well-toothed paper. When I played it earlier this year, I found it to be totally charming, and was impressed at how the puzzles smartly incorporate the act of page-turning. Judging from the latest trailer, it looks like the game is coming along nicely.