Steam reviews may become the AMAs of game criticism

One thing we’ve seen since Steam user-reviews have gone live is a onslaught of indie game developers asking for their Twitter followers to rate their games, as you can see:

This is amazing because, whereas large teams dread being reviewed by reviewers-at-large on the aggregate site Metacritic, here we see small developers encouraging their fans to give them reviews, good or bad. This planned community is an utopia where creators and players sing together, holding hands. What a wonderful world that would be!

The idea is similar in execution to Reddit’s AMAs, where forum users get the chance to go online with game developers and ask them anything. It’s an interview by way of the crowd. In encouraging an open dialog between creators and their fans, Valve is trying something similar, changing the rules of game reviews, getting reviewers out of the way. We hope in that healthy, communicative dreamland you’ll still make time for humble old Kill Screen.

Additional reporting credit: Elyas Gorogo-Baker