Tetris-inspirited art gives Pajitnov’s classic new dimension

Michael Johansson is a Swedish artist concerned with putting the pieces back together. His show Still Lifes, presented at The Flat in Milan, Italy until February 23rd, consists of numerous cubes all made of suitcases, safety-deposit boxes, and giant legos. Stockholm-based online magazine designboom explains how,

Johansson produces structures that depict an almost perfect cube, textured throughout with various hues and materials. The playful pieces presents the audience with recognizable objects in a new light, altering their meaning outside of their original quotidian context.

“Maybe you can call it real-life Tetris,” Johansson says, in an interview with The Avant-Garde Diaries. “I take used objects because they kind of lived a life before I find them. By combining them I almost create a fake history that never happened.”

– – –

If we wanted to stretch the analogy, I might say the same thing about narratives in videogames, full of false pasts and alternate realities. But let’s not. Instead, enjoy these beautiful objects inspired by the greatest puzzler* ever designed.

*Although, now that we think about it, they resemble Peter Molyneux’s Curiosity more than anything by that sounds like this.