Thanks to the Kinect and Cornell you’ll soon have robots cleaning your house.


We’ve reached the moment in history where robots are learning how to organize and place objects autonomously.  From the opinion section on The Week,

Cornell roboticists have built and successfully tested a canny new housecleaning bot. Of course, building a machine that “knows” where to put your things isn’t easy: The robot has to survey a room, identify the components of the mess you’ve made, and figure out where everything belongs — before actually getting to work. Cornell’s unnamed robo-housekeeper uses advanced algorithms and a 3D Kinect camera to identify misplaced dishes, groceries, books, toys, and trash before putting them in their proper places with a mechanical arm. (Watch a demonstration below.) Though the cleaning bot is still too sluggish to inspire Jetsons fantasies, it gets better with practice, and improved from 80 percent to 98 percent accuracy after a few tries, says Yun Jianga, a graduate student on the research team. Thankfully, it learned “not to put a shoe in the refrigerator.”

Maybe at E3 Microsoft will unveil a Kinect add-on that enables robots to freely play videogames with us. Say goodbye to playing party games alone! I don’t think the idea is that far off since South Korea has already made robot cops.

[via The Week]