Thatgamecompany will self-publish their next game (with help of venture capital, of course!)


With the beloved title Journey released on Playstation Network to critical and commercial success, indie developer darlings Thatgamecompany have wrapped up their three-game deal with publisher Sony. Now, with financing from VC firm Benchmark Capital, Thatgamecompany ventures forth to create their next game, indepdenent of Playstation-exclusivity. From TGC’s blog:

Today I am pleased to announce thatgamecompany has raised funding to develop and release our games independently. This enables us to bring our games to more platforms and provide our players the highest quality experience at every point of contact.

Thatgamecompany is known for their stylistic and expressive games, each constituting a virtual environment more akin to modernist painting than photorealistic animation or action-packed cinema, bearing a meditative pace and encouraging experimentation and exploration. Each of their three PSN games, too, made special use of the Playstation 3’s Sixaxis motion controls. With the company’s entrance into cross-platform territory, how will they maintain attentiveness to console specificity and dynamically experiential play? No further information on their next game has been given, though Thatgamecompany tells us to expect “more details about [their] next game soon.”

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