The art of pinball

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Pinball is something of a lost art. With the glory days of arcades and The Who’s rock opera Tommy (1969) behind us, the Pinball Wizard may appear to have lost his luster. But State of Play’s INKS is breathing new life into this arcane mode of play, by making the pinball machine double up as a blank canvas for painters. From the creators of Lumino City (2014), the game brings a similarly tactile approach to design. Instead of flashing colors, your ball hits objects only to create bursts of watercolor behind it. The path your ball takes across the board leaves a trail of paint, too, turning play into a form of self-expression. With tables inspired by the styles of Miro, Matisse, Pollock and Riley, INKS is for the pinball player who wants something beautiful to look at while they rack up high scores.

Perfect for: Pinball wizards, artists, Lumino City fans

Playtime: short