The new Madcatz mouse looks like an airplane

It’s meant for MMORPG play, but it looks you could fight terrorism with the thing. Buy it for the World of Warcraft head in your life this Christmas:

It has a total of 78 definable commands via 13 programmable buttons, a 2-position shift button, a cycling MMO Mode Switch that cycles through three separate button sets-think different stances, specs, or the equivalent-and a “lock” feature that will allow you to toggle the right or left mouse button perma-clicked for long virtual commutes. It’s also got a custom World of Warcraft addon that lets you drag and drop from your spellbook, and has profiles for the top MMOs that are pre-programmed with typical setups for those games.

This is sort of like when BMW came out with cars that had a single dial on the dashboard that you were supposed to use for everything, from changing the channel on the radio to adjusting your mirrors to setting the temperature. It was one of those things that you were supposed to use for everything, but you ended up using for nothing.

Keyboards are the past. The future is a mouse that looks like it can shoot missiles. Always.

-Drew Millard