The Old Testament is built in Lego pieces, block by block

Brenden Powell Smith has been building Biblical scenes out of Legos and posting them on his website for the past 10 years, and now his illustrations are being collected in a new book titled The Brick Bible.

When I first started it I really didn’t think, okay, I’m embarking on this… project to illustrate the entire Bible… I thought, well, I have this big Lego collection now as an adult and I need to find something really cool to do with it. It’s like a ‘with a great Lego collection comes a great responsibility’ sort of feeling.

While it may seem flippant to depict a sacred text with a toy, Smith approaches the project with sincerity. He attempts to give an unbiased representation of the Bible.

You hear these stories from children’s books or you get various selected stories from the Bible read in church and then you read the actual Bible for yourself and it bears only a very passing resemblance to some of these.

Read the interview here, or just head over to his website.

-Jason Johnson