The Royal Australian Navy is now on the training game bandwagon

It has become something of a trend: countries using sim games as part of their military training. Australia has now joined the ranks of the U.S., China, Taiwan et al. with REFINE (Real-time Engineering Fleet training Interactive Naval Environment). The sim is being used by the Royal Australian Navy —otherwise referred to as the RAN—as a “scenario-based” training exercise:

Invenio’s REFINE solution specifically addresses naval training requirements by immersing naval cadets in a virtual representation of the ship on which they will serve.

Real-life scenarios that can be replicated include operating navigating equipment, fighting a fire, launching the ship’s boat, responding to damage control or a call to action stations.

Or the RAN could just subject sailors to Jaws for NES. It could be treated as an exercise in patience. 

Just sayin’. 

Lana Polansky 

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