The World Series of Beer Pong. Not just for lushes.

The well-known drinking game Beer Pong originated at Dartmouth College.

It was purportedly created by students who wanted to combine a love for table tennis with an equal love for fermented beverages.

The sport is still popular on campuses, and players compete annually in the World Series of Beer Pong, which was recently held in Las Vegas.  

“Everyone loves to play and everyone thinks they are good,” says Vince Catizone, a soccer shop owner from Morristown, N.J. “But the reality is that the difference in standard between an average player in a bar and a world class player at this tournament is like a recreational soccer player trying to play in the World Cup.”

A small beer pong tournament circuit has sprung up during the past few years, yet the big one is the WSOBP, which moved to the Las Vegas Strip after two years in nearby Mesquite, Nev. By the time Buffer announced the title game the field of 440 teams had been whittled down to two, and an unfathomable amount of beer had been consumed.

However, despite the name, at the top level elite players rarely drink the beer, preferring to fill the cups with water instead. The result is a quality of play that is quite extraordinary. 

Now that sounds like cheating to me.

-Jason Johnson

[via Yahoo Sports]