There is an amazing creative writing exercise going on in r/gaming RIGHT NOW

The charmingly-named redditor “hairyhaggis” started a thread earlier today in r/gaming that would make many an MFA instructor swell with pride: “Describe a game from the point of view of one of its NPCs. Every else has to guess what game and NPC.” His example: [I] “Go on adventure with robot dog and mute who stares at my boobs.” The answer is Alyx Vance from Half-Life 2

While hairyhaggis’ example might have been inelegant, it has led to some truly epic descriptions. My favorite:

[–]Rodal888 7 points ago

Everyday I get smacked around. Day in day out my two captors continue to harrass me and knock me from left to right. Sometimes one of them misses a punch and that is my one chance to get a moment of peace, only for them to continue where they had stopped … left … BAM … right … BAM … left …

The answer is, of course, the ball from Pong. 

Also great: 

[–]afterthefire1 4 points  ago

Huh, what is that on my ankle? It itches. I can’t reach it. OW! it bit my ankle. I can feel like pulling on my hair and crawling up my back. Get it off, get it off! OOOOWWWWW, it just stung the top of my head! OH MY GOD, I’m BLEEDING! Oh god, oh god, oh god, what is it?! I’m losing a lot of my dark dark blood! feeling whoozy… :::falls over dead:::

For the answer, consult the thread.