Therefore promises "interactive philosophy," dreamy pixel art

What’s initially so captivating about Therefore is how the music and art style blends together. Composer Sergio Cuesta’s incidental piano score plays with atonality in a way that’s reminiscent of the impressionist compositions of Claude Debussy, or Erik Satie: simple and pretty, but slightly haunting. It’s a dynamic that plays into the game’s serene, meditative mood, even when surrounded by austere environments and muted colors.

a puzzle game that’s eerily evocative 

In Therefore, you guide a character called The Wanderer through a land called The First Realm as you try to uncover the forces undermining your continued existence. The game supposedly operates on a fixed countdown, so you’ll need to use a mechanic called The Memento Mori to reset time while exploring and trying to solve puzzles. Therefore will also include some form of item crafting, though it’s not clear at this point how that part of the game meshes with the rest.

In fact, just about everything developer Trim Tangle has to say about the game is at once both intriguing and cryptic. Therefore is apparently “a pixel experience,” focused on “interactive philosophy” that takes place within the more familiar confines of a sandbox videogame.

Perhaps most mysterious of all, the Indiegogo campaign claims that, for anyone who can navigate the games esoteric presentation and coded meanings, “Therefore will send a message to those ready to hear it.” However, underneath this veil of inscrutability there looks to be a puzzle game that’s eerily evocative.