Videogames on Google Glass are as bizarre as you’d expect

Google has put together a sizzle reel, a term I’m using completely ironically, to show off what their Google Glass eyewear can do for games. These augmented mini-games feature not-so-riveting gameplay, such as pretending to balance books on the Android robot’s head, bouncing a tennis ball from your face to a tree to your face (pain-free, I might add), and shooting clay pigeons with a crosshair that moves as you turn your head. While admittedly these games look super lame, as a proof of concept they are potentially impressive. You’ve got to keep in mind that this is totally new territory for games, so it’s gotta be pretty spare. And anyway, it’s easy to imagine how in the hands of the right developers this functionality could be used towards bigger and better games. A quasi-real world Proteus would be spectacular on these things.