These guys made an racing game/RC car hybrid

RC-car remotes are counter intuitive. Go-karts are kind of lame. Racing games aren’t have never done it for me, (I haven’t played the new Need For Speed) except for kart games oddly enough. But what if you could make a racing game where you controlled an actual RC car with an arcade booth? Well these guys did it:

The Artica guys are addicted to race games and Trackmania is only one of their favorites!!

They’re still addicted to race games but they don’t play them, instead, they prefer to create their own games. They thought it would be cool to drive a remote control car using a steering wheel and pedals, and if the car had a wireless cam, the gamer could look at the screen and really see what the car was seeing in real time, just like an arcade game!

This was the proposal to Sapo Codebits! To have an arcade game where it would be possible to drive two cars and participate in a real race, without any simulations or complex algorythms, neither 3D graphics.. They want something real! Celso Martinho from Sapo was very excited with their idea, and by coincidence (or not) they were planning to have a retro gaming area at Sapo Codebits!!

Does this qualify as a videogame? Either way its pretty great: