These doomed classic cars reveal the Jetsons-esque future we never knew

Back in the 50s and 60s, people thought that by now we’d be living in a bright, shiny future with a bunch of really beautiful, silver rocket cars. This was sadly not to be, so now The High Mueseum in Atlanta is displaying many prototypes of these failed futuristic rides in its Dream Cars exhibit, running now through Sept. 7th. 

Some of the designs are really unearthly, like the needle-nosed Firebird XP-21 (pictured above), which looks like a jet crossed with a roadster, ad would likely kill anyone who got in a fender-bender while driving it. Another, the L’Œuf électrique, looks like a Volkswagen Beetle copulated with a golf cart. I wonder if 30 or 40 years we will be having “wondrous game consoles that never were” exhibits, and will it include the SteamBoy

There are many more fascinating cars on their website, or check them out firsthand if you’re down South.