Think of the top indie game publishers. Does Adult Swim come to mind?

Ars Technica’s Andrew Webster raises the compelling, if unexpected, argument that of all the indie publishers out there, Adult Swim may be the best. The reason? Adult Swim has managed to pool the wackiest, weirdest and most creative talent onto its site to bolster its site content, but without requiring any games that are programming-related. They just don’t want anything too crazy:

Even still, Adult Swim offers a great deal of creative freedom for developers, and because of this, it has been able to attract some solid talent. And that, in turn, has lead to a steady increase in popularity. In addition to the well-trafficked website, some of the games-most notably Robot Unicorn Attack-have expanded to other platforms like the iPhone and Facebook. Olsen also explained that we can expect some original iOS titles in the future, as well.

Where else could you find a game called Lesbian Spider-Queens of Mars?

-Lana Polansky