Do not stop and do not think while playing Strawberry Cubes

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Strawberry Cubes is a platformer that gives you a toolset instead of a jump button. You already know too much. For this is a game that works by keeping everything secret and telling you nothing. It’s about navigating a lo-fi living maze comprised of broken memories located around your grandma’s house. But none of this makes sense. Nothing does. The only way to progress is to ask: what does this do? And then trying it out. You must piece together room formations, rearrange spaces as they distort, figure out morbid symbols, and walk by an ever-evolving gallery of cellular automata. It’s intentionally confusing but not impenetrable. Why is there a frog button? Why am I climbing bones? Where do I plant these seeds? Don’t ask; just do. Similarly: don’t ponder, just play.

Perfect for: Glitch children, game breakers, miscreants

Playtime: You’ll work it out.