Think you know a lot about games? Prove it!

What’s the point of crystallized intelligence anymore? You can look anything you want up in seconds (such as the volume of a dose of boar semen). Soon the part of the brain that holds facts will be nothing more than a cerebral appendix, and we’ll have it removed to make room for more pure cranial processing power. It’s all on the cloud, people. Throw away your harddrives and get more RAM.

Except: TRIVIA. Video Game QuizUp is the free iOS trivia game that challenges your knowledge of obscure facts about videogames, such as “which video game is a ‘Pick and Flick’ adventure?” (hint: it rhymes with “Boogerfan”) and “Who is the highest rated played on the Dolphins in Madden ’11”. You get served a few ads from time to time but it sure beats playing 1980s Trivial Pursuit with your family over the holidays. Maybe hold on to your whole cerebellum for a bit.