This real-life injury simulator is fascinating if a little gross

Researchers from the Center for Advanced Surgical and Interventional Technology at the University of California, Los Angeles used detailed CT scans of human legs to create lifelike simulations of leg injuries to train medics.

“Our goal in this specific project is to train medics to be able to deal with these sorts of injuries quickly and efficiently,” said one of the researchers, Jeff D. Eldredge, in an article for Motherboard. “When they train they have to feel the anxiety of seeing a real injury, and that’s the important aspect that’s hard to recreate.”

The injury simulations, featured in the video above, show bullets entering and leaving a leg, as well as blood rushing out of the arteries and veins. The video also features the construction of a finished virtual model of bones, skin, flesh and gushing arteries.

The research team at UCLA aimed for the simulations to replace the real animals used for medical training by students. The team says that the simulations are detailed enough that the future medics can train in a safe virtual space and still get the necessary experience without involving live animals.

“If we can recreate that sort of feeling of anxiety and call-to-action in a virtual environment, I think that’s going to be a really effective tool,” Eldredge said.