This seven year-old’s idea for the next Batman game is amazing

Who says that great game ideas have to come from professionals, or even adults? A seven year-old named Quincy recently emailed his plan for the next Batman title to Bitmob. The full text of his letter is below:

I am Quincy and am 7 years old. I have ideas or suggestions for new batman game. Entitled Batman Arkham World.

In this game for Xbox you could use headsets to command troops. Batman would head the team in his normal bat suit but also would include stun guns. He would have Robin as his sidekick.

He would command a bat team of troops comprised of officers  dressed in blue bat uniforms. These troops can be commanded to help with missions using the headset ability. They can also be equipped with guns, knives, and lasers. All equipment needed to fight the adversary.

This game will comprise of 29 missions and starts at night with Bruce Wayne waking up seeing the bat light lit up on the city. The city is on fire and during the second level it gets put out. This large batman team takes down the world of crime. Which consists of Joker who wakes up from the dead, 2 face, and penguin and all their thugs.

Batman has all his same abilities plus added upgrades and features that allows you to actually drive his batmobile, bat boat, and bat helicopter. With bombs and missiles. Tracking devices, invisible cloaks, fireproof armor and more.

There will be a large reinforced jail city that will be able to hold the toughest criminials ran strickly by batman and bat troops. Where you can actually taked the captured thugs and place in jail.

Each person will be equipped also with night vision, and guns that can make bad guys guns not function permanently.

This should be a rated t game with mild language, and violence, and blood.

Thanks you

I would totally play this game!

-Drew Millard

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