This PS1-style videogame is basically Speed with hysterical vehicle physics

Speed, the 1994 film in which Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock, and assorted extras hurtled around Los Angeles in a public transit bus, was a fun movie about absolutely nothing. With that in mind, here is OmniBus, an arcade-style game currently being developed by Chicago’s The Buddy Cops that takes Speed’s premise and suggests that it is really a story about physics.

Why is this happening? Well, because OmniBus’ creators decided that the low-poly bus in their PS1-style game has no brakes, and really the only difference between a movie villain and a game developer is some moustache twirling. For what it’s worth, The Buddy Cops are less villainous than Dennis Hopper’s character in Speed insofar as buildings do not appear to be filled with innocent bystanders and the game’s scoring punishes injuries to your bus’ passengers. The lack of brakes is hardly generous but they could have been far crueler.

For good measure, OmniBus sets challenges for the player to complete while driving the brake-less bus including “robbing a bank,” “survive a demolition derby” and “take people on a tour without spilling.”  That last command gets at the physics component of OmniBus; the game’s developers have ruled that thou shalt not flip the bus or drive it off the edge of the two-dimensional gameworld. Now you’ve been warned.

OmniBus does not yet have a release date, though one can only hope that, like its bus, it is hurtling at full speed towards our PCs. 

[Gifs via TIGforums]