This videogame made by a 5-year-old is almost unbearably cute.

Everyone wishes their parents were this cool. The above screenshot is taken from the start menu of what has got to be the most adorable game of the year so far. Sissy’s Magical Ponycorn Adventure is the result of 5-year-old Cassie’s imagination, and her father Ryan Henson Creighton’s technical assistance. The two made the game together at TOJam, Toronto’s 3-day-long indie game jam: 

Cassie drew all the pictures, wrote all the titles, and recorded the voice of the main character. She also came up with the NPCs (including Mr. Turtle, the Mean Tiger, and the villainous Lemon), and designed some of the puzzles (including the one where you [SPOILER ALERT] have to read a sign to justify your need for a coconut to throw at the Lemon).

Play the game here to find out what a Ponycorn is. We dare you not to smile the whole time. 

Lana Polansky