Daniel Benmergui’s long-awaited Storyteller is now longer-awaited

Daniel Benmergui has been working on Storyteller—his critically acclaimed, experimental, narrative-generating puzzle game (phew!)—for a long time. As we detailed in an in-depth feature on him at the end of last year, it’s his passion project, and a rallying cry for videogame developers in Latin America. But now he’s taking a break.

On his blog, he posted that the project was temporarily suspended while he pursues a commercial version of Ernesto RPG, the charming little free roguelike he put out a month ago. “I’ve been working on it for three years now and I am starting to feel creatively numb from always dealing with the same project,” he wrote, before going on to explain that Storyteller was the project of his life and that he would never abandon it. 

Let’s hope the break will get the creative juices flowing, because when I played Storyteller two years ago, it was refreshing, taking a novel approach to, yup, storytelling through solving puzzles.