Today on Kill Screen: Games as design objects, Jeff Koons gets a first-person treatment

Do videogames count as design objects? NYU sociologist Harvey Molotch certainly thinks so as we are prone to think of videogames as another form of entertainment. But much like videogames, design faces the same problems of anonymity, disrespect, and cultural bias.  However, design is now ascendant and sociologist Harvey Molotch knows why.  He has more to say on what this means for videogames. [More

Pop artist Jeff Koons has drawn criticism and praise in equal doses over the life of his career, but Florida art student has decided to express his opinion in a different way — by blowing Koons’ work to pieces. Hunter Jonakin created “Jeff Koons Must Die!” for his MFA thesis show as a first-person shooter set in a fictional gallery housing Koons’ work.  We talked to Jonakin about his love/hate relationship and using videogame engines as a means of expression. [More]