Today on Kill Screen: Petri Purho the magician, Might and Magic the review

We take a look at Petri Purho, creator of Crayon Physics Deluxe, and his life as a magician:

Petri Purho’s career as a magician began early. “I’ve been doing magic as long as I can remember. Instead of toys I would play around with my father’s magic props. I ended up doing my first live performance in front of an audience at the age of one and a half years. It was mostly at my father’s gigs, so he would put me in a sock basket in a supermarket and I did some small tricks. There has not been any time where I haven’t been doing it.”

Then we dig in to Might & Magic HD:

Strategy games are all about control. There’s no role to play, no character motivation beyond winning. Even if there is a cooperative mode, you usually have a sphere of independent influence-you do your things first, and work with your partner later. In Clash of Heroes 2v2, working with your partner isn’t just beneficial; it’s absolutely necessary. Communication is very important.

But my headset was recently the victim of a hungry cat, and my partner (a random Xbox Live user) also has no headset. We’re having a bit of a failure to communicate. We’re in a 2v2 match against a pair named something like “HolyAlliancee” and “UnHolyAlliance.” I have a hunch they’re not running into the same communication problems we are.