Today on Kill Screen: Ron Gilbert of Monkey Island, Maniac Mansion on George Lucas, comedic timing, & satire

Do you have any stories about George Lucas?

Which you can print?

Um, maybe.

We always had a little bit of this inferiority complex, because we would go to these company meetings and the different groups would present what they’d been doing for the last year. Industrial Light & Magic would go up there and they’d show all of these special effects and Academy Awards that they had won, and then Skywalker Sound would go up and show all of the Academy Awards that they had won. And then it would come to us. The games group would go up there with these horribly pixilated things

But I think George really supported us at some level and-to his credit back then-I think he really saw what games could become. He used to tell us just three things: stay small, be the best, and don’t lose any money. That was what we lived by, and we built really interesting things because of that.

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