TODAY ON KS: Capsized aims high, but bangs its head on the cave ceiling.

Alien Trap’s Capsized wants to let you soar freely. It wants to give you the giddy joy of flinging your mini space marine into the despair of a gaseous hole. But Dennis Kogel reveals why Capsized, despite promising freedom of movement, is still too claustrophobic: 

For a short time, Capsized allows full-on supernatural, gravity-defying, physics-destroying, joyful movement through colorful alien worlds. But for all the joy Capsized emits, it is too much a videogame to allow pure play. Instead, it insists on letting your astronaut trod through beautiful yet narrow caves unsuited for the astronaut’s tools. Shoot your hook wherever you please, and you’ll only manage to bash your head into the ceiling. Only the last third of Capsized shows the game at its best, with floating alien islands and huge areas to swoosh around in.

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