TODAY ON KS: How Bulletstorm outdoes Michael Bay.

Unlike many first-person shooters, Bulletstorm doesn’t ask players to plod through a human meat-grinder with awkward mechanics. Rather, it allows them to swish easily through a cascade of gore and flailing body parts. Brian Howe talks about how this game is more fun than any action movie: 

Bulletstorm’s relative lack of difficulty is directly responsible for that ideal flow: it actually feels cinematic. While the story and rhythm of super-hard shooters get indigestibly broken up in retry loops, Bulletstorm proceeded so smoothly that I was able to follow the storyline (which, while related in a merrily profane tone, raises credibly thought-provoking questions about loyalty and moral responsibility). Then there’s the impeccable rhythm of the gameplay itself. At moments I would pause to gaze out over a stunning bay, before running into the next room to try and shoot an incendiary rocket into a mutant’s scrotum; and the beauty of these lulls was sharpened by the taut momentum of the amazing set pieces around them.

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