TODAY ON KS: We ask the creator of Scott Pilgrim about the games that shaped his life.

Pitchfork came up with the 5-10-15-20 idea over two years ago to ask musicians about the music in their lives at five-year intervals. Our recent partnership with Pitchfork lets us do many things, one of which is apply that idea to videogame people. Today, creator of the Scott Pilgrim series, Bryan Lee O’Malley, talks about growing up with videogames: 

I was obsessed with Street Fighter II. My brother was 10 and he could kill me at any fighting games. The other game was Quest For Glory IV. I guess it was the storytelling and getting lost in the world. They seemed more complex than the Nintendo games that were concurrent. Nintendo games just hinted at stuff. Mega Man 2 and 3-they had story on the periphery.

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