The sci-fi thriller Caffeine looks horrifying, unlike actual caffeine, which is great

As I’m writing this I am running on caffeine the same way that a Hummer H1 “runs” on gasoline. Caffeine to me is this beautiful substance that lets me be a writer. So when I heard the words “support Caffeine on Indiegogo” I am totally into it.

Australian game developer Dylan Browne, on the other hand, must have had a bad experience with caffeine. Browne’s Caffeine is a sci-fi horror game where you play a young boy who wakes up alone on a caffeine mining space station. Being alone on a space station would certainly drive me from “alert” to “freaking-out” levels of awareness. Browne’s game has a lot of polish on it: it looks deeply spooky and atmospheric and I really want to be on that space station but I also want no part of it. Good atmospheric horror needs that push and pull.