Today in videogame food news: "Gamer" soda and Power Mitt Oven Glove

We were wildly divided about which of these products was more useful to the modern player of videogames.

First, Gamer, a “dedicated beverage brand … created specifically for the videogamer.” Gary Carlson, the owner and originator of Gamer, wants to expand his distribution but alas, many locations will not accept his glass bottles—he needs cans! I am huge fan of regional sodas, pops, and other carbonated beverages, especially if they have caffeine and real cane sugar. While I personally reach for a can of Red Bull while I play Titanfall or Civ V late into the wee hours, that Game_Jam/Mountain Dew debacle might have opened the door for Mr. Carlson and his sweet, sugary dreams. Here’s hoping. 

The Power Mitt Oven Glove is growing on me. I am not shy about my reliance on my As Seen on TV Ove’ Glove Hot Surface Handler, but I’ve burned my arm and wrist on the door enough times to want an oven mitt that reaches a bit higher. Looks like the perfect match for that Space Invaders spatula you’ve always had but were shy about using.