Is Toejam and Earl the most bizarre game ever created?

As core gaming continues its transformation into a handful of increasingly bland blockbuster series, it is wonderful to be reminded just how truly weird mainstream gaming was in the 1990s. Wednesday brings the release of the Toejam and Earl Collection for Xbox Live Arcade, which comprises the original game and its sequel, Panic on Funkotron. For the unfamiliar, Toejam and Earl is the saga of two space-trotting alien rappers, one obsese and in sunglasses (Earl), one jive-walkin’, thin and with a Flava Flav chain (Toejam). To get a sense of just how unbelievably bizarre this game was, please watch this video and absorb its House Party-meets-Ren and Stimpy-meets-Bill and Ted vibe.

I’ve always assumed the reason games don’t enthrall me the way they did when I was a kid is because I’ve lost a lot of my imagination. But what if games have, too?