Top Ten 5/2: PSN Returns, IGN & UGO Make Out, PopCap Brings a Boy’s Dreams to Life

We know that mainstream videogame news can be tough to keep up with, so here’s your cheat sheet for the day.

1. PlayStation Network is to return this week after compromising more than 70 million users’ credit card numbers.

2. A new look at Goichi Suda & Shinji Mikami’s upcoming Shadows of the Damned.

3. IGN and UGO are merging while the former spins away from NewsCorp.

4. Bayonetta director Hideki Kamiya recorded director’s commentary for the game.

5. Kill Screen fave Game Dev Story and others are on sale at the App Store.

6. Jeremiah Slacza, creative director for Scribbelanuts, on their new game Hybrid.

7. PopCap, maker of Bejeweled, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation help a kid create his own game.

8. Marvel Universe will be free-to-play.

9. Over 250 different universities signed up to use the engine for Crysis 2.

10. Redbox will be adding game rentals to their 21,000 kiosks.

Tada! That wasn’t so bad. Image via.